Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Conference (BC3) Washington DC, Feb 2014

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The third Breast Cancer Coordinated Care Conference (BC3) was held in Washington DC 20-22 Feb 2014. This meeting is the only one of its kind to focus entirely on the local treatment of breast cancer, which includes surgery (both oncological and reconstructive) and radiotherapy, with a strong emphasis on a multidisciplinary approach. The multiple components and aspects of the treatment of breast cancer require a high level of coordinated care among the different specialties, and this coordination becomes even more challenging because of the rapid evolution of new treatment modalities.

Breast Surgeon Breast Surgeon Breast Surgeon
Jane Jane and Hamish Melanie

BC3 is uniquely focused on a coordinated, interdisciplinary team approach to breast cancer care. Multidisciplinary care requires close teamwork, and it is a testament to the strong commitment of the Epworth Breast Service Team to this ideal, that all three specialties were represented -Jane O’Brien and Melanie Walker (Oncoplastic Breast Surgery), Hamish Farrow (Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery) and Ros Drummond (Radiation Oncology)

Breast Surgeon Breast Surgeon Breast Surgeon

The meeting offered presentations and panel discussions on a number of currently important topics in the local treatment of breast cancer including oncoplastic surgery, the role of prophylactic mastectomy, timing and indications for post-mastectomy radiation, nipple-sparing mastectomy (both therapeutic and prophylactic),treatment of breast cancer in a previously augmented breast and the evolving role of alloplastic materials in breast reconstruction.


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