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Jane O'Brien Specialist Breast Surgeon
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Jane O’ Brien MBBS FRACS
Call for Appointments Phone: (03) 9421 4218 - Fax: (03) 9421 5148
Call for Appointments Phone: (03) 9421 4218 - Fax: (03) 9421 5148
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Jane O'Brien is a specialist breast and oncoplastic surgeon whose practice is exclusively confined to breast work, encompassing the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of all benign and malignant conditions of the breast, and surveillance and prophylactic surgery for high risk groups.

Her areas of special interest are in "oncoplastic" breast surgery, aimed at maximising the cosmetic result following breast conservation surgery for breast cancer using advanced surgical techniques, and nipple- sparing mastectomy and reconstruction, both in the preventive setting and as treatment for cancer.

She also has a strong interest in genetic breast cancers and the treatment of breast cancer in young women.

Jane O'Brien provides a Specialist Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Service with rapid access, integrated, patient-centred breast cancer care, delivered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team with onsite access to all diagnostic and treatment modalities including MRI, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, with access to a breast care nurse for all patients.

There is evidence that breast cancer patients treated by a specialist breast surgeon have better outcomes, and that long term survival prospects are enhanced by the delivery of cancer care in a multidisciplinary team setting. Your breast surgeon acts as the gatekeeper to the multidisciplinary breast cancer team, and it is certainly worth putting time and effort into the selection process. In the same way as all school teachers and all hairdressers are not equal, all surgeons are not equivalent, and choosing your breast surgeon is a vitally important initial step in your breast cancer treatment journey. It is very important to have choices in breast cancer surgery, and not all surgeons are in a position to offer you all the available options. Choosing your breast surgeon is certainly not a decision on which to compromise.

Jane O’ Brien MBBS FRACS

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Lifestyle Factors and Breast Cancer

To mark "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" 2014, The Epworth Breast Service, conducted a forum on "Lifestyle Factors and Breast Cancer".

Evidence suggests that lifestyle factors such as moderate levels of physical activity can reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer by 24% and reduce the risk of death by more than one third compared with inactive women. This means for women who feel well enough, undertaking as little as 3 hours of physical activity such as brisk walking or cycling each week could help them stay healthy.Despite this, one in four women who have had breast cancer are not aware that lifestyle changes may significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence, according to a survey conducted by Cancer Australia and BCNA of women in Australia diagnosed with breast cancer. Additionally, the survey results showed that almost half of women who were aware of these lifestyle actions were not given information about this by any of their health professionals, so there is certainly plenty of room for improvement in this area, and ensuring all members of the health care team are educated about the importance of reinforcing lifestyle modification measures is a vital first step in the right direction.

To view a video recording of the event, press play (right).

Lifestyle Factors and Breast Cancer

Lifestyle Factors and Breast Cancer

First Scalp Cooling Machine in Victoria

Epworth Richmond is delighted to have recently acquired the first scalp cooling machine in Victoria. Although scalp cooling provides the only real alternative to hair loss with the use of many breast cancer chemotherapy drugs, it has until now not been available to women in Victoria.

Many women will lose their hair as a result of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and for some, this may be the most distressing side effect of treatment. “I didn’t mind losing my breast as much as I minded losing my hair” is a comment we hear commonly. Currently, very few units in Australia offer scalp cooling, although it is widely available in the UK and Europe, and we are extremely proud to be the first Victorian centre to offer scalp cooling to our breast cancer patients.

First Scalp Cooling Machine in  Victoria

First Scalp Cooling Machine in Victoria

The Angelina Effect

In what has been dubbed by Time magazine as the "Angelina Effect", actress Angelina Jolie's recent public announcement about her decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy because of a faulty gene has attracted worldwide interest, focusing the spotlight on genetic testing and prophylactic mastectomy, and on a local level has certainly provoked many questions on both risk assessment and risk management.

In an attempt to address some of the questions that I as a specialist breast surgeon have repeatedly being asked following Angelina's recent announcement, such as "could I have the breast cancer gene", "should I be having genetic testing", and even "can I have an Angelina?" we recently held an educational forum for general practitioners. To view a video recording of the event , press play (right).

Angelina Effect



New Initiatives

Breast Cancer Patient Information USB Bracelets

New Initiative: Breast Cancer Patient Information USB Bracelets

Stress Balls

Stress Balls

Epworth Breast Service Breast Surgeons

Fewer than 8% of Australian surgeons are female, and the Epworth Breast Service is therefore very fortunate and proud to be able to offer our breast patients the expertise of two highly trained and extremely experienced female specialist breast and oncoplastic surgeons, both of whom have extensive international training and experience.

  Jane O’Brien
Jane O’Brien
MBBS 1985
University of Melbourne
FRACS 1995
Melanie Walker
Melanie Walker
MBBS 1994
Monash University
FRACS 2002
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This website is not intended to provide exhaustive and detailed medical literature, all of which can be found on the many high quality, recommended breast cancer websites. It is hoped that it provides useful information and assistance on how to make informed decisions on some of the less widely covered practical aspects of breast cancer care, including what issues to consider when choosing your breast surgeon.


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