jane o brein

Jane O’Brien

MB.BS FRACSSpecialist Breast Cancer Surgeon

Jane O’Brien is a specialist breast cancer surgeon who specialises in surgery for breast cancer and prophylactic/preventive surgery for high risk individuals.

Her area of special interest is in oncoplastic breast surgery, aimed at maximising the cosmetic result following breast conservation surgery for breast cancer using advanced surgical techniques, and nipple-sparing mastectomy and
reconstruction, both in the preventive setting and as treatment for cancer.

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As Jane O’Brien’s practice has evolved over the years, the focus has increasingly been on surgery for breast cancer, and prophylactic/preventive surgery for high risk individuals, and there is currently extremely limited capacity to take on new patients with benign breast conditions. Urgent appointments are set aside in all consulting sessions to accommodate patients with a confirmed or strongly suspected diagnosis of breast cancer in a timely fashion, however unfortunately the capacity to routinely offer appointments to new patients who have symptoms and imaging which is not suspicious of breast cancer is very limited.

The Breast Centre at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne
Specialist Breast Cancer Surgeon

Fewer than 9% of Australian surgeons are female, and The Breast Centre at St Vincent’s Private Hospital East Melbourne is therefore very fortunate and proud to be able to offer our breast patients the expertise of a highly trained and extremely experienced female specialist breast cancer surgeon, with extensive international training and experience.

This website is not intended to provide exhaustive and detailed medical literature all of which can be found on the many high quality recommended breast cancer websites. It is hoped that it provides useful information and assistance on how to
make informed decisions on some of the less widely covered practical aspects of breast cancer care, including what issues to consider when choosing your breast surgeon.


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