Multidiciplinary Breast Cancer Team Meetings

A large body of international research evidence supports the view that health outcomes for breast cancer can be maximised through a specialist multidisciplinary approach to treatment and ongoing care. Multidisciplinary care is an integrated team approach to health care in which medical and allied health care professionals consider all relevant treatment options and develop collaboratively an individual treatment plan for each patient.

What is a Multidisciplinary Team Meeting?

A multidisciplinary team meeting is a meeting attended by health professionals who discuss and develop management plans for each individual patient. Both clinical and psychosocial components are important factors when considering a management plan. Management plans or options arising from the multidisciplinary team meeting will be discussed with you by your treating clinician.

As part of ensuring the best possible treatment for your breast cancer, your treating clinician, Miss Jane O’Brien will nominate your case for presentation at the Epworth Breast Service Multidisciplinary Team Meeting. The purpose of presenting your case at a multidisciplinary team meeting is to explore all available appropriate treatment options and referral opportunities in order to enhance patient care.

How often are the meetings held?

The Epworth Breast Service multidisciplinary team meeting is held weekly.

Who will be at the meeting?

Core Members: Clinicians involved in the multidisciplinary team meeting include; your surgeon, pathologist, medical oncologists, radiation oncologist, radiologists, nuclear medicine physician, MRI radiologist and allied health professionals including breast care nurses and radiographers.

Who will be presenting my case?

The doctor who presents your case to the other clinicians may be your surgeon, your medical or radiation oncologist or even the radiologist or pathologist.

Will I be billed?

The doctors involved in your care are able to claim via a Medicare item number for their involvement in the multidisciplinary team meeting and you may receive a bill from specialists involved in your care for presentation at a multidisciplinary team meeting.

Your Right to Privacy

In accordance with the Victorian Health Records Act 2001, your doctor is required to obtain your consent to collect, use and disclose personal information regarding your course of treatment. Your consent for this was obtained as part of your initial written registration process. It is important for you to notify your treating doctor if you do not want to have your case discussed.

Only relevant personal information related to your treatment and ongoing care will be presented for discussion. You have the opportunity to identify any information you do not wish to be shared with the team. You may withdraw your consent at any time by notifying your treating doctor.

What happens with information about me?

If your case is discussed at the meeting, the suggested management plan that is decided upon in the meeting will be documented and stored in your patient notes (held by the presenting clinician). This information will only be shared with you and those people and services who are involved directly in your care.


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